Polish language courses

Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates

  1. Courses are organised on the basis of a trimester system (with three-month terms). All participants have to register anew after each term.
  2. Registration begins three weeks before the start of each term. All participants are asked to come to the Polonicum Centre’s office to submit their application and write a placement test. Registration is not possible over the telephone or via the Internet.
  3. The full fee for each term needs to be paid directly to the Polonicum Centre’s bank account (account number available at the office) before classes commence. The office does not accept cash payments.
  4. Participation in classes is conditional on the presentation of a valid receipt of payment to a member of the office staff.
  5. In cases when students leave the course during term-time, the course fee is only returned in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. in the case of health problems) upon presentation of the relevant documentation. The returnable amount is calculated proportionally on the basis of the number of missed classes.
  6. Class size: beginners – up to 12 members.
  7. A course participant may only change groups by prior arrangement with a language teacher and with the full knowledge of the office.
  8. Each term closes with a test assessing candidates’ knowledge of the course material. Passing this test enables course participants to receive the end-of-course certificate.
  9. At the end of each term, course participants complete an anonymous questionnaire focusing on the course programme and teaching methods.
  10. All course programmes correspond to the requirements of the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.


The Polonicum Centre will not act as an intermediary in the application process for a Polish visa. It does not issue certificates confirming acceptance on to the course. Advance payment for more than one term is not permitted. The only document course participants can expect to receive is an invoice for the course fees.


Dates and fees

I trimester: October 2nd – December 15th, 2017

Registration will begin on September 11th and will last until there are no free places!

Regular course: 63 hours, fee: 1638 PLN

Regular course: 66 hours, fee: 1716 PLN
Classes: 2 x a week, 3 hours
all levels available

Intensive course: 93 hours, fee: 2418 PLN
Classes: 3 x a week, 3 hours
beginners only

II trimester: January 8th – March 23rd, 2018

Registration will begin on December 18th and will last until there are no free places!

Regular course: 66 hours, fee: 1716 PLN
Classes: 2 x a week, 3 hours
all levels available

Intensive course: 99 hours, fee: 2574 PLN
Classes: 3 x a week, 3 hours

III trimester: April 4th – June 29th, 2018

Registration will begin on March 12th and will last until there are no free places!

Regular course: 69 hours, fee: 1794 PLN or 66 hours, fee: 1716 PLN
Classes: 2 x a week, 3 hours
all levels available

Course fee depends on the number of hours during a trimester.
One hour of Polish language (45 minutes) costs 26 PLN.

Information for candidates

The history of the Polonicum Centre began more than 60 years ago with the foundation of the Summer School. Since then, the school has been organised annually and enjoys ever-growing popularity among teenagers, students and more mature participants representing any number of professions and nationalities. The course lasts four weeks, and usually attracts around 220 participants from all over the world. The classes are held every weekday. There are from twenty-two to twenty-four groups at all levels of proficiency: from beginner to advanced. A bespoke teaching programme is prepared for each level, and each group has two teachers. A programme of additional language sessions is offered to course participants at beginner and intermediate levels. For those who do not know any Polish yet, there is a series of audiovisual programmes in English that present contemporary Polish culture and history. The intermediate group receives a series of lectures on cultural issues, and for the most advanced learners, there are lectures on offer by eminent Polish academics. Additionally, workshops are available in such areas as language, literature and textual analysis. The programme includes screenings of recent Polish film productions, open-air Chopin concerts in Łazienki Park, guided walks round the loveliest and most interesting corners of the capital, and a trip to the countryside. Every year, varied events and attractions are prepared. These include dance classes, during which Summer School participants learn to dance the polonaise under the guidance of a choreographer from the University’s Warszawianka Dance Company. During the closing ceremony, a performance of Poland’s national dance provides a fitting climax to all the hard work, as the Summer School participants’ encounter with the language and culture of Poland draws to an end.

Detailed information on conditions of participation can be found in the application form.

Program announcement

Course dates: August 1st – 31st 2017
Course price: 2500 PLN
Application deadline: till June 30th 2017

Accommodation: Residence Hall No. 4; 10a Zamenhoffa Street (paid additionally, reservation at the hotel reception)

August 1st 2017 – arrival to Warsaw and accommodation arrangements
August 2nd 2017 – inauguration ceremony and placement test
August 30th 2017 – farewell gala (the Polonaise dance show, certificate awarding ceremony)
August 31st 2017 – departure day

Polish language classes take place on working days from 1st to 30th of August 2017 in 20-22 groups at all the levels of proficiency from A1 (beginners) to C2 (near native speaker). In some of the groups, two lecturers teach alternately. The number of participants in one group ranges usually between 8 and 10 at the elementary levels, 10 and 12 at the intermediate levels, and 12-15 at the advanced levels.

The program includes, besides Polish language classes, cycles of lectures, seminars, workshops, film and audiovisual presentations.
We also offer phonetic workshops, literature seminars, language and culture seminars, text-study activities, language board games and many other activities.

The cultural program includes:

– integration meeting „The Evening of the Nations”
– tours of Warsaw
– visit to museums in Warsaw
– museum lesson
– film presentations (the latest Polish films with English subtitles)
– the Polonaise dance classes provided by a choreographer from ”Warszawianka”, the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University
– culinary workshops.

The course concludes with the Polonaise dance performed by course participants.
Participants will obtain a certificate of participation following a final test.

Application form

Application form is avaible here formularz_sierpien_2017_ang

Conditions of participation

The course is designed for:

1. Those who received scholarships provided within cultural agreements between Poland and other countries. To apply for scholarships, please contact the authorities in your country responsible for allocating such scholarships. Requests for scholarships sent directly to POLONICUM will not be considered.
The participants mentioned above are provided with accommodation (without breakfast) at Student Dormitory in Zamenhofa 10a Street, phone: (0048 22) 55 49 203, 55 49 204 (from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.), faks (0048 22) 55 49 201, e-mail: ds4@uw.edu.pl .
Participants will also receive an allowance for meals (pocket money). They should purchase health insurance on their own.

2. Those granted with scholarship by foreign universities or other academic institutions which have agreements of bilateral cooperation with University of Warsaw. Information about conditions of participation will be given by the International Relations Office of University of Warsaw. Please contact Mrs. Grażyna Andrejuk (e-mail: grazyna.andrejuk@adm.uw.edu.pl, phone: (0048 22) 55 20 434.

3. There is a possibility to participate in our course on a payment basis. Course fee is 2500 PLN – tuition, cultural programme and a trip included. The fee should be paid in Polish zlotys (PLN) directly to POLONICUM bank account on the first day of the course. It is possible to accommodate at Student Dormitory in Zamenhofa 10a Street. Reservations on your own at the following tel. (0048 22) 55 49 203, 55 49 204 (from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.), faks (0048 22) 55 49 201,
e-mail: ds4@uw.edu.pl

For further information please contact the POLONICUM office: phone (0048 22) 55 21 555, 55 21 533, e-mail: polonicum@uw.edu.pl

Application deadline 30th June 2017.

Please fax or send your completed application to:
University of Warsaw
Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00–927 Warszawa
Fax: (+48 22) 55 21 555
e-mail: polonicum@uw.edu.pl