The POLONICUM Centre – a meeting ground for many cultures

The Polonicum Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners runs Polish language and culture courses throughout the academic year for foreign students, as well as other foreigners interested in learning Polish. The Polonicum Centre organises a wide range of courses, some of which are designed on our own initiative, while others are commissioned by institutions that cooperate with our Institute or various University departments. Some of the courses described below are part of the Polonicum Centre’s annual course curriculum. Others are specially tailored to meet specific requirements, like the recent courses designed for a group of Iraqis, American students, Lane Kirkland scholars, and scholars from the Specialist Eastern Studies programme.

The Polonicum Centre offers foreign students film screenings and multimedia programmes that introduce them to Polish history, culture and traditions. We also conduct ethnographic workshops (organised in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum) relating to such customs as those associated with St. Andrew’s Day, Christmas and Easter. Our offer also now includes a series of lectures on Polish culture, history and civilisation in Polish and in English. In addition, we organise the Polonicum Science Meetings, which offer the chance for course participants to meet well-known scientists. These are open lectures given by outstanding professors with various specialisms, and are addressed to the wider University of Warsaw community.